Saturday, September 22, 2007

Did you Hear?

I'M ENGAGED!!!!!!!

So that's the news of the past two weeks! It took me a little while to get the news out. I was in Toronto, so I couldn't see friends and family right away. We were so busy over the weekend that I just managed to call my immediate family and one quick phone call to Kelite, my best friend and roommate. When I got home, it took me another few days to call grandparents and some other family members, good friends who live away, and then to see close friends who live in my area. By this point, roughly five days after we got engaged, I was able to send out e*mails to friends and then update my Facebook profile. (That is really when you know it is real!)

Since then, I have been doing some blogging, but not in this easy sense of coming to a computer and sitting down and posting. No, I've actually been creating a blog and website for the occasion. It is now my pleasure to introduce everyone to this new website, aptly called I beg everyone to bear with the slowness of the site getting up to par. This is all very new for me, and so it is still in its developing stages (for example, there is no "Contact Us" page yet, and my blog doesn't link back to the main site). This will all come in time.

I invite everyone to come to the site and join with us in this exciting time. I am so obsessed with wedding blogs, that I kind of hope everyone else will be too!

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Dan said...

Dan and Laura! Congrats on the engagement. My name is Dan and I'm about to propose to my girlfriend Laura.

I'd love for you to post your propsoal story on my site: you can post a link back to your blogs if you'd like. Just visit the forum and post a new topic in the "real proposal story" section.

Hope to hear back!