Wednesday, May 31, 2006

For he's a Jolly Good Fellow

Due to a slight oversight on my last posted vlog, I failed to say a little blurb about Gregory "Dub" Wallace like I did with MJ, Carolyn, and Dan.

So, without further ado, and with many apologies, I will attempt to redeem myself:

Before I even met Dub, I had heard all about him, including a story about sleeping in jeans. I also had in my head an image of who this Dub fellow was from a picture of him giving the camera the middle finger (if I remember correctly) that my boyfriend had hanging on his wall. These were my first impressions, even before I had met the guy.

But I have since come to know Dub as one of the most romantic guys I have ever met. No one will ever top the "Will you McMarry me?" proposal to MJ that happened in the lovely McDonald's in Halifax. Seriously Dub, you certainly keep the bar high for my expectations for Dan!

Since Dub and MJ have moved, I have not had anymore nights spent in the Acadia bar, or eating Peel Pub wings which ended up causing food poisoning. Dub, you should move back - so what if Alberta pays more? Nothing is more fun than getting sick off of pub food with friends!

Monday, May 22, 2006

Too Bad I'm a Loser....

There is a rumour going around that I have lost my mind. Or, maybe it is just me who is saying that. Either way, my sanity has been questioned a few times since coming home for the summer (or at least more than usual!) This might just be the icing on the cake, and I blame it on the abundance of work during a ‘long weekend’.

How much work is too much work? It isn’t too much if the money is there, is it? That’s one opinion. But money might not be as important as health. This morning, after waking up at quarter to five, I manage to faint and fall in the shower. Luckily I turned off the water right before I went out completely, and I wasn’t in the tub. Instead, I hit my head against the plastic-like shower walls, which give a little. Otherwise, it could have been bad news, especially since I was home alone. I’m feeling slightly better, but the light-headedness is still present, along with the headache from hitting my head when I fell.

Unfortunately, I made this movie before I hit my head. There is no excuse for my behaviour!

(My plan for the weekend, before I was offered to work overtime for double pay, was to go down to Halifax so I could see MJ and Dub who travelled from Alberta, along with Carolyn who is leaving soon. I was really looking forward to going, but fortunately or unfortunately, I’ve been working long hours for good money and poor health instead.)

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Why I despise video games

I have expressed my dislike for games before. Truthfully, I don't have so much of a problem with it, especially because I know that people who mean a lot to me seem to like it. And I know the advantages of gaming - it brings friends together, it increases dextrousness and hand-eye coordination no doubt, and it increases computer literacy and apparently makes you smarter (I heard that one once.) It doesn't seem too harmful in moderation.

I also understand the disadvantages.

Today, as I logged onto my GoogleHomepage, I happened to click on one of the news links. I was appalled and re-subscribed to my hatred of video games.

Why are women degraded everywhere? On television, in the movies, on music videos, in music, in nuclear power plants! I was watching a vlog just yesterday on how even the vloggosphere is turning into a place where only the hot naked women are appreciated. Everything, everywhere, women are goggled at like fresh meat. And you don't realize it so much as when you work in an industry that is swarming with men. I believe that not all men are equal, but I tend to forget that some men aren't just talking to me because I have a great personality and a good mind.

There's an argument that women are just as bad, and perhaps they are - but the reason for this is because they are sick of being talked about like a toy, and as an act of rebellion, they are doing it right back. And honestly, when I meet a guy, the last thing I think about is sex or how luscious his body is.

This makes me angry.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Yer Late!

So, you're right - I STILL haven't vlogged! (on this site anyway!)

What was that?! You should check out Dan and Laura's site? Well, if you insist!

Truthfully, I would totally vlog for my site too, if I had the time. This has been like one of my only opportunities online at home (I can't edit video at work, of course!) I am having some ideas though.

So, as you wait for me to finally get my act together and vlog, go check out what trouble Dan and I have been getting into!

(I also updated my Xanga!)

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Courtesy of Zits

(click on picture to enlarge)

Well, this is my problem... I've been having a really hard time doing anything blog/vlog worthy. Actually, that's not entirely true. My life has been extremely full these past few days, and I have been full of emotion, but it isn't the right type of emotion to publicize. I have even found the need to write over the past few weeks, and I have done a little bit of that, and hope to do more - but it just isn't blog writing.

As I have been exploring the world of video blogging recently, I've noticed how different my life is videotaped from my written life. I wish I could sit down and write a blog like Matty writes blogs, or like Dan used to. They write blogs that not only comment on the situation of the world, but that make you laugh as you read it! I am not that funny of a person. And I don't feel comfortable commenting on public events because I worry that I will be seen ignorant. I also don't feel much of a desire to write that way. Maybe it just isn't my style (although I don't know quite what my style is, being "style-less" and all.)

Vlogs are created and viewed in the same nature, especially for someone like me who is not as competent in that form of media as other vloggers might be. For me, a vlog should be interesting, and show the fun side of me. I was thinking about what Michael Tyas said in one of his vlogs, when he was commenting that no one who knows him in the vlogosphere knows his bummed out side because that's not the Michael that he vlogs about (pardon the paraphrase). And I think quite a few vloggers would be in this boat. As much as express and demonstrate emotion through some of my blog writing, I much prefer to vlog when I have something interesting and at least somewhat funny or happy to record. Lately however, I haven't found that opportunity. My one happy-fun-vlog tale was going to be about my new glasses, but that fell through, and now they just become another reason for me to be ticked off and stressed.

Maybe I should just sit down and force myself to vlog. I would do the same thing with blogging, but I suppose that is what I am doing right now! I don't know. I still don't think I can talk to a camera until I get out of this slump that I find myself in now, and that might take a while.

PS - I don't normally post the same thing in both my Xanga and my Blogspot. This is an exception. You should still try to check out both from time to time!